Tuesday, April 22, 2014



He’s been tracing his tree;
thinks finding this missing link
is like winning the lottery,
 hitting the jackpot.

He’s tracked town records and ancient papers,
found numerous greats in a number of places
(during multiple major events). Can document them  
(names, dates, births, weddings, deaths)
over a dozen generations, while I
can barely see past three.

Still, we know more.
Our DNA proclaims us cousins.

All we humans – along with wildlife & creatures:
beasts & bugs, shrubs, flowers & trees
(mayflowers, bleeding hearts, redwoods,
wolves, apes & honeybees) 
are children of one mother. 
Everyone I know and all the friends
I’ve yet to meet.

If you can’t see eye to eye
with your relatives nearby
befriend a distant cousin.
Family is wherever you find it.



Written for 2014 April PAD Challenge:  Day 20 – A family poem:


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