Monday, April 28, 2014

Darkness & Light

photo by PSC / 2012

Darkness & Light

She’s never seen them
but she believes
in those dark creatures
that sometimes inhabit her dreams:
vague, faceless beings, evil, oppressive.
They hover, skulking in the dark, shadows
leaning close to exhale their hot breath,
inhale her voice and swallow it whole,
closing her throat, making of her screams
 only breathless rasps no one will hear,
palpitating her heart in triple syncopation.

But last night was different:
visited instead by old friends
(unseen, unrecalled for years)
she was comforted, protected,
embraced in their arms
and she wakens, wondering
if mayhap their dreams, too,
 were haunted
last night
by her presence.


Written for 2014 April PAD Challenge:  Day 27 – A monster poem:


  1. They were, indeed, Patricia! More nights like that would be most welcome! Thanks for stopping by! :-)