Friday, April 25, 2014

Tell it to the Turtles

Tell it to the Turtles

If you’ve got a secret
that would make a sailor blush
and you really want to share it
(but it must be kept hush-hush)
be careful who you tell it to,
be wary what you say:

You can’t trust frogs and crickets
‘cause they gossip night and day!
And don’t believe that birds are safe
‘cause everybody knows
about the squawking prattle
of the blue jays and the crows.

Most chipmunks and some squirrels
will chatter, every chance they get
and if you wish to tell the fish, my friend,
well, you’re all wet!

No, if you need to tell someone
(whose silence is your goal)
tell it to the turtles.
 They won’t tell a soul.


Written for 2014 April PAD Challenge:  Day 24 – Tell it to the (Blank):


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    1. Thanks, De! And I loved your response to this prompt too! LOL
      Folks can find it here:

  2. Loved it then, and still love it now. I adore turtles. And your poems. :)

  3. THANK you, De! So glad you stopped by (again)! ;-)