Monday, April 7, 2014

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Paint me
in natural pastels --
winter whites, hues of blue,
charcoal gravel gray,
powdered sugar snow.

See me in the trees, sketched
in pine needle palette,
oak leaf ocher.

Trace my silhouette
in spring green, fill it in
with flecks of
mouse-eared chickweed.

Stipple me
in rippling watercolors.

Splash me
on riverbed rocks.

Color me hard-headed
poem PSC - Apr PAD/2014     (all photos by PSC)
with a heart of stone.  

Written for 2014 April PAD Challenge - Day 7:
A Self Portrait poem:



  1. Absolute Brilliance!

  2. Ohhhhhh. How did I miss this one, back in April? Oh, that's right. It was APRIL. ;)
    Simply stunning, my friend. I'm particularly drawn to:
    "Stipple me
    in rippling watercolors.

    Splash me
    on riverbed rocks."

    1. Ahhh... thank you, De! This is a favorite of mine -- especially with the photos. So glad you caught it this time around. It's so hard to get around and read (much less comment) on a regular basis,.. but April & Nov?? Never happen! :-O

  3. Oh!!! This is magic! I love how you've translated each portrait into words...these are perfect. How stinkin' smart of you to place that heart-shaped stone in your shadowed silhouette in water...did I say perfect? Perfect!!

  4. THANKS, Hannah!! So glad you caught this one! I knew the theme and pics would touch you. That "heart shaped" stone just appeared in the water one day where I frequently stop & look. Someone must have tossed it in -- right at the perfect spot to be photographed. Wonderfully serendipitous! :-)