Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beach House on the Moon

photo by PSC / 2014

Beach House on the Moon
(Jimmy Buffett / 1999)

Pulling it from the clothes dryer,
this tattered t-shirt – memento over a decade old –
I ponder (again) the frayed edges, torn seams,
evidence of many years of wearing, washing
and reconsider tossing it.  

It’s not fit to be seen in public (has been reassigned
as sleep apparel) and yet, despite multiple holes
still it holds many happy memories –
touchstone to times and people
gone by, out of reach, passed on.

Each wearing takes me back some 14 years ago
 to a balmy summer evening: Labor Day Weekend,
crazy concert, Margaritaville, bouncing beach balls, Fruitcakes,
friends gathered, laughing under the stars.

It’s faded, but I fold it carefully,
put it in the basket,
to be worn once more. 
One day, it too will be gone,
but for now, I hold on to it
for as long as I can.


Written for 2014 April PAD Challenge:  Day 17– A Pop Culture poem: