Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Toss the “To Do” List and Take a Walk

All photos by PSC

Toss the “To Do” List and Take a Walk

You know you want to…

because the sun’s shining (or it’s gently raining
or cloudy or windy or snowing) or because
the moon is full or crescent or new,
waxing or waning, eclipsed or blue and 
the stars are out (or coming out – or fading), and
Orion (or the big – or little – dipper or Cassiopeia)
is visible overhead or on the horizon;
because Venus (Mercury, Mars, Saturn,
Neptune, Jupiter) is rising, setting, dazzling
and the Perseids (Geminids) are positively amazing.

Toss the “to do” list…

 because the wild berries (black-, rasp-, blue-, straw-
or huckle-) are sweet & ripe and begging to be picked
and the flowers, too (star- and may- as well as
sweet peas, anemones, jewel weed, spotted wintergreen,
black-eyed Susan & Queen Anne’s Lace) are sprouting
(budding, blooming, going by) and the trees
(maple,  oak, magnolia, cherry, dogwood, apple) are
greening (blossoming, changing color, dropping leaves);

take a walk in the woods…

because the birds (red-winged blackbirds, bluebirds, catbirds,
red-breasted grosbeaks, robins, swallows) have arrived
(are mating, nesting, hatching, fledging) and besides,
the butterflies (fireflies, dragonflies, damselflies), and
all the busy (lazy) creatures (chipmunks, turtles, snakes & frogs)
are out and about – courting, swimming, hunting, sunning, so…

you really ought to
 (you know you want to)
because spring (winter, summer, fall)
is growing older by the minute
(and so, too, are you). 


Penned for Creative Bloomings prompt: 



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