Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weather or Not

Weather or Not

The weather does what the weather will do.
It doesn’t care about me and you.

And our outdoor plans for play & fun?
Well, they can’t rely on a day of sun
‘cause you never know where the weather will go:
rain, sleet, sun, snow.

But, whether the weather is horrid or fine
ev’ry day spent with you 
is a day that’s divine.


Written for 2014 April PAD Challenge:  Day 18 – A Weather poem:


  1. Weather does seem to rule sometimes but I like your perspective on the important aspects of life. Great poem to carry in a pocket, Pamela! :)

    1. Ahhh... thanks, Patricia! I think you're right! I will have to keep this one in mind for next year's Poem in Your Pocket Day.