Monday, May 7, 2012


photo by PSC

Bittersweet Farewell
With heavy heart and cheery smile
I come often, bearing gifts –
fresh strawberries, cherry tomatoes,
banana splits, milk shakes
Wheeling you about, telling stories,
feeding you dinner, yet
failing to reach past your
petrified exterior and
aching for the loss of your life

Driving home alone, top down,
sobbing into the wind
choking on fear and regret –
certain there must be something
we could – or should – be doing
but unable to imagine how or even

In the end
I watch you slip away in an elevator
between one breath and the next
accompanied, I am convinced,
by an old friend
leaving on the same journey

I wish you well,
feeling guilty and glad,
you are
on your way



  1. Replies
    1. It really was a painful period in all our lives. Thank you, Patricia.

  2. Pamela, I'm glad you sent me this link. It truly touched me. I was sad for you and hope the person didn't die young... if it was someone old, I often think of it as a final healing, and because I follow Jesus, I truly believe there is a peaceful place waiting for that spirit. Now HERE'S one that's tragic in another way. See, bummer for bummer! I don't mind at all... love, Amy

    1. Thanks, Amy. It was my mom, and she was in her early 70s at the time. I, too, like to think that she moved on to a better place. :-] Thanks for your kind feedback. I commented on your sad poem... and ping-ponged you back with something a little bit happier. ;-)

  3. Oh, Pamela. This is poignant, and painful, and stunning.
    This line is just brilliant:
    "I watch you slip away in an elevator
    between one breath and the next"

    We have all experienced loss of some kind, but it is different every single time. My heart aches for you in this, and for my own losses, as well. That is true poetry.

    1. Thank you, De! Such a lovely compliment! So very true about loss -- and how each is different and unique. Sorry for resurrecting those painful memories on you. :-]

  4. Pam, I got about three cases of the chills reading this. We have all been there or are about to be there--the image of "sobbing into the wind" was perfect.

    So sorry for the loss, I'm sure that person would have appreciated this <3

    1. Thank you, Sara! Such a sweet thing to say. I like to think she would have understood and sympathized. :-]