Wednesday, May 16, 2012

RAINY DAY LIMERICKS (acrostic style)

photo by PSC
“ONSET (of Insanity)”

One MORE day of rain we must weather
Now it SEEMS we’re all in this together
Still my sanity strains
Each day that it rains
Too much MORE, and I’ll soon slip my tether!    

“RAINY Day(s & Days)”
Really?!?  ANOTHER wet day!?
All soggy and cloudy and gray?
I have had it!  I’m done!
Now, it’s time for some sun.
You can take this stuff, please -- far away!

NOTE:  These limericks were inspired by the TWO blog sites (linked) below. 
Check 'em out -- for the FUN of it!


  1. Like your limericks, Pam.
    No wonder that songs have focused on "rainy days and Mondays"! Hope the weather picks up soon.
    In my area, after an early morning Thunder shower, it is cool and windy now. :))

    1. Thanks, Patricia! Glad you enjoyed them. :-) Cool & windy is nice -- I'd take cool & windy! :-) Seems like it's been raining for a week or more! (In actuality we DID have a beautiful, sunny day on Mother's Day -- but it was pretty much surrounded by rain.) Tomorrow looks promising though... if the weatherman knows what he's talking about. :-]

  2. What a fun pair of acrostic limericks! I'm so happy to have partially inspired them!

    By the way, I run weekly Limerick-Off challenges (regular limericks, not the acrostic kind.) I hope you'll consider participating. (I post a new one every Sunday or Monday.)

    Thanks for linking!

    Madeleine Begun Kane

    1. Thanks, Mad! These were tricky, but fun! Not sure I've got the time (or patience!) to limerick on a regular basis, but when something grabs me, I'm there. :-)) My pleasure on linking some folks your way! :-)

  3. Oh, they fit together so nicely. And I like both. Too true they speak to me now, as it is pouring outside! Brrr, the wetness!
    Mariya Koleva on:

  4. Thank you, Mariya! You have my sympathies for your cold, wet weather. I don't mind a little rain, but that ongoing grayness can really wear on you. Will have to stop by soon
    to check out your site. Thanks for sharing it! :-)