Sunday, May 6, 2012


photo by PSC

Paper Moon

No point in falling into the depths of Depression
(though I feel like an orphaned child)
I missed her (again) last night
Conned by her paper promises,
her cardboard and canvas cohorts,
I waited patiently for her appearance,
but I never caught a glimpse
Her cloudy traveling companions kept us apart
Still, I feel in my heart, she was real
all the same



  1. Inspired by last night's "Super Moon" viewing here in CT and prompted by Poetic Bloomings #54: "... take the title of a favorite movie or television program you enjoy and use that for the title of your poem".

    (You can check out Poetic Bloomings website here:

  2. Nice, Pamela. I see we were on the same page! And glad to discover your blog. Here's a link to the poem that has been my most popular all time post, according to WordPress:

  3. Hi Pam, nice! I love the moon and you nailed it visually and emotionally :-)

  4. Thanks, Sara! I was so looking forward to trying to get a photo, and it really was disappointing to miss it yet again! :-] Seems to me last March's perigee full moon was also a cloudy night here in CT. :-| Maybe I need to plan a trip for next year! ;-))

  5. Paper Moon is one of my all-time favorite movies. LOVED this. Sorry you didn't get a glimpse of her. She's a wily one, all right.

    1. Thanks, De! So glad you stopped by -- even if the moon didn't. ;-) She is wily indeed... but we love her anyway. :-)