Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Remnants in the Attic
PSC / 2008

Rummaging through attic
keepsakes and photographs
remnants of a past
unknown and unremembered
odds and ends
snippets and clippings
from quilts of lives that came before
a common thread runs through us all

Whisper of touch tickles my cheek –       
art of ambitious arachnid –
spinning my mind
backward in time to marvel at how
we are all connected
by thinnest of ancient lines
gossamer fine, strong as steel

Linked by color of eyes, curl of hair
bone and blood, flowing
through time and space and memory
as a river over eons of rock

They speak to me in silence
stories told in my childhood
forgotten and recalled
memories re-captured and
over distances of time
I grasp the past
they touch tomorrow
we remain connected

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