Saturday, May 5, 2012


photo by PSC / July 2011

as he took
to the sky
twisting & spinning
its own separate trail
this mystery of nature –
just quill and some barbs
such a small, seemingly
fragile bit of nothing
the finest of filaments,
practically transparent
assisting flight, providing
warmth and decoration
its amazing blue (like the
moon’s glow) merely
a reflection


  1. This poem was created during "A River of Stones - January '12" and will be appearing in their upcoming publication. :-) I've added it here mainly to share it with the folks who missed it the first time around... AND so I could link it to Amy Barlow Liberatore's blog (Sharp Little Pencil @ 'cause we're playing "Poetry Ping Pong"! :-))

  2. Pamela: thank you and yes, I missed it... Your poetry speaks to a far hidden recess in my being showing me once again that I have needs that I had no clue were not being met. Your poetry seems to sustain that need which I can't put words to. Really, I am glad I can finally comments here. The deities had been conspiring against me in April.

    I left a token of my appreciation on my site, yes another Liebster for Miss PSC...

    1. Oh, meenarose, thank you! I'm glad you can comment too!! :-)) Comments like yours really make my day! I'm so pleased you are reading & enjoying -- and that my work is touching a chord with you. Hoping I can keep up the momentum. And thanks for the Liebster! Honestly, I don't know who started them, but what a great idea! It never hurts to get a pat on the back from a poetic cohort. :-))

  3. First, Pamela, I saw that amazing "once in a lifetime" moon tonight and later shared it with my daughter via phone as she saw it coming up in California, so that was an incredible bonding moment. The "moon's glow" brought that moment back to me so now, an hour later, I'm crying! For happy... also going to check out Meena's post!

    Your feather is intricate; as complicated as life, yet as simple as the earth to which it falls. Thank you for sending me the link. It means so much when fellow poets care enough to share in this way. So now I will give this back to you and see what you volley back! Much love, Amy

    1. Well, rats! I am really jealous that you saw the "Super Moon"! The viewing here in CT was, well... completely concealed behind cloud cover (hence my "Paper Moon" offering on my blog). Am off to check out your poem, then see what I can come up with in return. Oh! And thank you for the lovely feedback! I'm really enjoying this, too! :-)