Saturday, May 5, 2012


Sopphey, a multi-talented cyber friend, nominated me for a “Liebster Blog” award yesterday, because I am an “awesome poet” (her words, not mine!)
To see some of Sopphey’s work, check out her own blog via this link: 

AND: Meena Rose, another talented & poetic cohort, ALSO nominated me for a “Liebster Blog” award!  To see some of Meena’s work, check out her blog here: "Through the Eyes of Meena Rose"

I am thrilled to get such lovely compliments from TWO talented fellow writers!
As a recipient of this cyber-hug, I am allowed to nominate "five" fellow-bloggers whose writings I have also enjoyed, admired, and envied, so I’d like to share some cyber-cupcakes
... with my own Liebster Blog Award Winners listed below (in no particular order).
Check them out.  They're awesome!
 Please drop in on their blogs and enjoy the sites!  ;-)


FYI:  The “Liebster Blog” Award rules are as follows:
1. Thank the one who nominated you by linking back to their blog.
2. Nominate five blogs with less than 200 followers.  (Okay, so I cheated a little, so sue me!)
3. Let your nominees know you recognized them by leaving a comment on their sites. (Done!)
4. Add the award image to your site: (Done! And done and done!!)

A FINAL NOTE TO MY "WINNERS":  I apologize in advance for any "duplicate" awards you may have received.  If you've already nominated (or are in the process of nominating) your own 5 winners -- DON'T feel as if you have to do it AGAIN, unless you WANT to acknowledge someone you missed the first time BECAUSE:  
a) you have only recently discovered a new & deserving writer or 
b) you actually adhered to the "ONLY 5 Rule" the first time around.  ;-)  

A FINAL NOTE to ALL the folks who deserve a nod from me, but DIDN'T appear on the above list:  
I'm sorry to say this, but you have been omitted because either:   
a) your blog shows more than 200 followers
b) I haven't read you yet
c) I'm an idiot!  :-]

So go ahead. Have a cupcake!


  1. How cool! I've never received Panda cupcakes before. Thanks for the great honor of your award - it makes my day, especially coming from such a talented soul as yourself!

  2. Awww, Andrew... thank you!! :-) And back at ya with frosting on top! :-)) But, honestly, you earned every last crumb. Enjoy! :-)

  3. Yummy! Thank you so much, PSC! :) Since I've sworn off of sugar for May, cyber-sugar is doubly delightful!
    Honored, and thankful. de.

    1. My pleasure, lady -- and YOU earned it too! :-)) Enjoy them, guilt-free! :-)

  4. Pamela, thanks so much for the honor, but I cannot in good conscience take a cupcake. I'm so swamped with keeping up with my blog, my church band, writing music and poetry, and being supportive of my pastor husband that I can't embark on this endeavor. So sorry, but thanks for the thought. I have to turn down all these because to do one would not be fair, and besides, you already have some of my choices up there (including my "brudda from anudda mudda, Buddah Moskowitz) on your list. A quality list, too. Thanks, and hope I'm not disappointing you, Amy

    1. Don't be silly, Amy, HAVE A CUPCAKE ANYWAY!! :-))

      Forget all the responsibilities, and just accept the kudos.

      I am hereby officially creating an HONORARY LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD & BADGE: It comes with NO STRINGS ATTACHED I am putting it out on my blog and you are more than welcome to one of these! You EARNED it!

      And so did any and ALL of my Liebster nominees. Help yourself, folks: cupcakes for all of you! :-))


  5. Pam, thank you for your cyber-hug and cupcakes! You are so thoughtful :-) And is a great honor to be named and appreciated by a talented poet (and delightful person) like you! Here's some admiration and appreciation right back atcha! ;-)

  6. Thank you Sara! I guess that makes us a mutual admiration society! :-))